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Here is another food and beverage mockup. It’s the cup mockup template to find out your cup design if it’s printed. It’s the cup mockup which is created and shooted from the front point of view. It provides the full body cup so that if it’s used for displaying design it could exhibit the design perfectly, just like the preview above.

This mockup has been equipped with a minimalist design. It’s a white cup with a simple text representing the brand. It might be best to represent the coffee cup advertisement. However, it’s a mockup. You could easily customize it according to your own preference. The design could be edited and even the packaging itself could be edited in case you want to give it a pattern or some decoration in it. The background as well, it could be customized just whatever you want it to be.

This kind of mockup is suitable to find out if your design wants to be printed, to make sure you can check it first using this mockup. There is a shadow effect which makes it more realistic. Besides using it for mockup only, it’s possible to use this mockup for creating product campaigns to be uploaded on social media and websites. Just make some customizations and it would be perfect content to be uploaded.

Instead of shooting a product one by one, it’s possible to cut your time by only editing the packaging using this mockup. It’s provided in PSD format, therefore you can edit it easily and effortlessly. Just customize it to adjust it with your brand, and it would generate your content instantly. This mockup has so many benefits, it's helpful for advertisement needs. Therefore make sure that you are not gonna miss this collection. Just download this collection by click the link below:

1 Coffee Cup Mockup Design - (PSD)

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