Free Set of Old School Flags Hand Drawn Vector


Old style never dies. Even if we are in modernity, something that smells old always stands out. Just like our newest collection, the Set of Flags Hand Drawn Vector. It’s a hand drawn illustration collection which is created in vector. There are some subtle grainy textures on the waving flag to emphasize its old style and to show its specialty. There are various shapes of the flags waving because of the hitting wind. The waving style is also created just like how the ancient cartoon created, it’s totally an old school style drawing.

This kind of illustration might be used for element graphics to decorate design, more than that it’s able to be used for tattoos. Just use it for elements of your creative design such as t-shirts, tumblr, etc and it might generate a mesmerizing result. The flag in the old style would make a design to look unique and distinct. At a glance, while we look at this illustration, it might make us remember something related to pirates or viking. Somehow the pirates and viking are often described bringing flags while fighting.

This collection is available in vector format which means that it’s able to be scaled on any size. Therefore it’s able to be used for any kind of project as it’s customizable. Since it’s a vector, it’s easy to edit and combine with any other element. It’s able to put some text on the flags and make it a copy space. In case you want to make it a logo or badge, it’s also possible. Just give it some text around or on the flag directly, arrange it in such a way, and voila the logo is able to be published.

The possibility of use is endless. Just explore it with your own creativity and it might generate any kind of creative project. This collection is provided in order to make it easy to create something creative and may want to give an old school touch. In case you guys are interested in using this collection for your creative project, kindly download this collection as we offer it for free. You can directly download this collection by click the link below:

11 Old School Flags Hand Drawn Vector - (EPS)

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