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Have you ever felt exhausted when you need to create a presentation with a different theme for each presentation? And the thing is you need to serve an appealing presentation, both your slides presentation and how you deliver the oral explanations. Sometimes it takes hours for making your project presentation and even affects your sleep time. Now, you don’t need to worry about it. You can say goodbye to your sleepless night because there are actually many presentation templates that could be used to create a stunning presentation. Many themes are available to suit your any kind of project. Using it might also save your time yet still generate an eye catching presentation.

Here, we give you a summary of slide presentation templates that you might need. There are still many out there both free and paid templates. However here we give you a list of some free templates that definitely could be used to create a mesmerizing project presentation. It can be edited to customize as your needs. A template might provide hundreds of slides, photo illustrations, icon stock, and so on. You are free to edit it to personalize it.

1. XGDragon

The red, black, and white color combinations template might best represent the modern theme. It’s suitable for flashy projects like magazines or branding and marketing design.

2. Querk Brand

A vintage presentation template which represents a creative multipurpose template with a minimalist design. This kind of template might be best for creating professional business relations presentations.

3. Golden Lookbook

Presenting a new lookbook concept also needs a well prepared presentation. To ease you on creating a well organized presentation, here is the golden template presentation that you can easily customize its text and images to suit your lookbook concept.

4. Leomord

It’s a minimal concept of a presentation template that might be used to create comprehensive information. It might be suitable to explain statistics, numbers, maps, etc.

5. Clean Interiora Modern

This template is created for any kind of project presentation related to interior design, furniture design, open houses, and so on. It could be concept introduction, branding, and more. It’s made in a warm nuance with a convenient impression.

6. Quil Architecture

A presentation template which may be best for architects. This template has been equipped with introductory concepts including budget, plans, statistics, and everything related to architectural projects. Marketers and Investors are able to use this template as well.

7. Mooshie Pop Art Creative

Another minimal yet colorful presentation template. It includes powerful and unusual elements to showcase a business presentation in a new way. In case you are worried about how you can start to explain your business, it’s been organized orderly.

8. Free Tigwell

It’s a simple and minimal design template presentation that is equipped with an organized text and images. It’s equipped with a timeline layout which might be used to present design milestones or to share the style development.

9. Luvy

A colorful presentation which might best represent a cheerful and summer nuance. A complicated one which is equipped with icons, maps, and infographics which can help you to personalized your presentation.

10. Presicious

This template is created in a stylish manner with black, white, and grey color combinations. It showcases an elegant and modern theme which might be best to create an art or fashion presentation.

11. Moonlight Creative

A bright color presentation template which may serve a fresh and alive presentation. It might be best to create a school presentation, or it might be able to create a product presentation as well.

12. Untitled

It’s a black and white presentation with some golden yellow accent. This presentation presents a modern and professional look for presentation which is created carefully and attention to detail.

No matter whether you are a school student, office employee, freelancer, or whoever you are, you might be able to use it for your presentation. Most of them are available in PowerPoint PPT or Key formats, therefore it’s possible to make some customization here or there to make it personalize. You can easily drag and drop your images, customize the text, add illustrations or icons that have been provided, all is up to you.

Some templates on the list above might have limitations. Some of them have a paid version which may feature many more slides or icons provided. More than that, before using the template especially for commercial needs, it’s necessary to check the template license to avoid the possible problem in the future. At the end, it’s always about a tribute for who has made the artwork. Hopefully you find it helpful and just execute your presentation quickly without worry.

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