Free DEMO Hand Drawn Boho Geometric Shape Background

Boho or bohemian is becoming a trend these days. We’ve launched several boho artworks and still keep working on them. Today, another collection of boho designs is ready to be served to you. This is the hand drawn boho geometric shape illustration that may look similar to our previous boho release. The difference is, in this geometric shape collection, the shape is neater with the hand drawn color blocking style. This illustration has an autumn color theme. As a whole, this boho design illustrates various abstract illustration shapes such as landscape, telescope, stone, living room, home, etc.

In the previews above, you can see that this boho geometric shape design has a comfy and neat look. Its impression with the autumn color combined makes it look best to be wall art or any art print to display. It only contains minimal composition, however, how the shape composition is arranged makes it look versatile to be applied on anything. You can use this design for making posters, flyers, t-shirts, and many more creative projects. However, if it’s printed as pillowcases or wall art is also best. It may bring a peaceful and enjoyable nuance to stay.

This collection also can be mentioned as a minimalist or simple design to display. Whether you want to use it as it is or make customization first, you can do both. It’s provided in eps, jpg, and png. A complete package to ease your work. If you want to use it as it is, as background for instance, then you can use the jpg. Or, if you want to put it as a graphic element without making customization, then png might be an option as it provides a transparent background. In addition, if you want to give some customization to personalize it, then eps format is best. This simple design provides many formats to suit your needs.

This geometric shape is provided in 300 resolution with the 5000x3000px. There are 20 files in total, however we provide it on premium and demo versions. If you want all of the files, then choose the premium one. Otherwise, if you want it for free, you can get the demo version that provides 5 files. Both are available to customize, such as rearrange the composition of the shape or put text or anything. You can use this geometric shape illustration endlessly in endless possibilities. Therefore, having this collection is necessary. To make it yours, kindly click the link below to download it:

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5 Boho Geometric Shape Background (EPS)

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20 Boho Geometric Shape Background (EPS, PNG, JPG)

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