Free 6 Cute Sushi Vector Illustration

If you are looking for something kawaii to be added to your design, try to look at this collection because this latest pack may be most suitable for you. This is a collection of kawaii food illustrations that shows the smiley and happy emotion of food. To be specific, this collection provides a hand drawn illustration of the sushi, the Japanese food, that was crafted with the overloaded cuteness recipe. Therefore, this pack might be able to satisfy your creative craving, especially towards cute designs.

These cute sushi illustrations were created to give a cheerful impression. This kawaii collection is a simple illustration of the original sushi with a simple facial emotion to generate cuteness. It has a neutral color with thick outlines, which make these illustrations perfectly fit the cute doodle drawing.

This sushi illustration is provided in eps and png doodle style. Therefore, it offers many opportunities to be used on any project. This sushi illustration fits for creating a restaurant menu, printing on a food container, print as stickers, or just using it on any creative design such as posters, flyers, invitations, etc. This doodle is suitable to decorate designs for cross ages. Whether kids or adults, who don’t love this kind of cute sushi illustration? It may be able to be used endlessly.

This vector illustration is provided for free. Once you download this pack, you’ll get 6 vectors in 2 types. You can customize it endlessly. You can edit the color, scale the size, add text, and many more customization. Therefore, your possibilities to use this pack for anything are endless, the limitation is only on your creativity. Obviously, this cute sushi illustration is worth collecting. Make sure to download this collection immediately by clicking the link below:

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