Quick, Draw! Let Neural Guess What You're Drawing

Do you know an easy and fun game to play? I have a recommendation for you. This game might look simple, however, once you play it then it’s possible that you may love it and waste your time with it. What I’m saying is, it’s a game called “Quick, Draw!”. This game is developed by Google that challenges players to draw a simple object in limited time, it’s 20 seconds to be precise. After you know the time limitations, it may seem to be daunting and heart-thumping. However, it’s not that bad. It’s a fun game though.

You can play the game online and free. You don’t need any registration, once you are landing on its page you could play the game directly. There is a “Let’s Draw” button, once you see it you can directly click it to play the game. You will be given a word to draw in 20 seconds. Once you start to draw a line, the neural (machine learning) would start guessing what you are going to draw. It would say what it thinks until you are successfully drawing the prompt and it would say, “Oh, I know, it’s a bike” (in case the command word is bike). Once you have finished it, you would be given the next word to draw in the same amount of time. So on until you finish six words.

After you have finished all of the six words, you would be informed what object you draw similar with and how people draw the object in another way. Even if you draw it poorly, it’s likely that the neural can guess it correctly. How can? Are you interested and curious how can the neural guess it? The answer is AI machine learning.

Yep, Google develops it as an AI Experiment in drawing. When you draw an object, the neural would learn how you draw it, your drawing strokes, the direction of it, all of them are learned. The more people play the games, the more the neural would learn. That is why it can guess your drawing.

Even how people draw an object varies from person to person, the neural still could guess it. The machine trains itself to recognize how people draw. Since there have been tons of people playing the games, currently the neural is getting more precise to figure out what people draw.

To give you a more overview, here is how I play the game. On the landing page, here is the display. There is no need for any registration and just click Let’s Draw to start.

After that you would be given six prompts which are given one after finishing the other one. The prompts are objects that we usually meet daily such as table, power outlet, line, etc. However, sometimes it can be more complex, just like a prompt that I’ve got, animal migration. Below is my drawing on the game.

You can see that, even if I draw it poorly and some haven’t finished yet, the neural can guess those six correctly. How cool it is! After the game is over, it would recall your entire drawing. You can click them and the neural would tell you what other object your drawing reminded it of. Like the preview below, how I draw the swan reminds the neural of cherry and pliers.

It also tells you how it can guess your drawing correctly. It can do it because it looks how other people draw it.

Impressive, right?

I played the game another time, and some of my drawings couldn’t be guessed correctly. It could be caused by my poor drawing or the machine hasn’t learnt it yet. It’s all about training the neural. The neural hasn’t perfect yet and it would learn and develop more. However, the more people play the game, the more neural would be smarter and could guess it right.

It’s an interesting game to play. Just to solve the prompt or it can be a funnel of your inner artist soul. In addition, it could be an educational game for kids as well. If you find it interesting, just give it a try!

Quick, Draw


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