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A modern display font in sans serif style is finally launched. It’s a Complain Font which is styled in bold, simple, fat, and rigid. It has an angular corner which gives a firm impression for its font. It’s simple because it doesn’t have much pattern, it’s plain.

As it's a bold and fat font, this font is best categorized as display font. It’s best to be used on titles, headlines, and more related. It could highlight something on newspapers, tittle magazines, Esports logo, game font, or even used on posters and flyers for advertising or promotions. Using this font on banners could be best as well, since it could be seen from a far and adds the aesthetic, bold, strong, modern & futuristic look.

This font is provided in OTF, which means that you could use it on any kind of app easily. Once you’ve installed it on your computer, it’s likely that you could use it for anything and it might be easy to make some limited customizations as well.

The use of this font might be endless as it looks would fit on anything. Therefore you do, you could use this font endlessly on any kind of project. Make this font to be part of your creative design, it would definitely be appealing. Don’t miss this collection and just click the link below to download:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 393 Kb}

Complain font - (OTF)

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