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Another SVG Font is here for you, it’s a Roky - SVG Font that would accompany you to create a mesmerizing design. It’s a white textured font which similarly looks like it’s drawn using a correction pen which the drawing itself has been shabby. It’s indicated from uneven surfaces.

From the preview above, the font looks like a font which is manually drawn in watercolor theme. It has texture and rough characteristics. It’s categorized as slab font as it has the bold serif. And it’s only provided in uppercase.

It’s kind of a display font as it’s pretty, striking, and bold. It’s best for titles, logotype, or whatever to be highlighted on your design. If you use this on posters, flyers, advertisement, or promotions, your project could be a stand out design.

A vintage, retro, or any old theme would suit this font best. However, it’s also possible if you have any idea to experiment this font on any kind of design theme. It would be interesting to be a pioneer on the trend. Showcase your creative ideas by using this font with you.

We’ve mentioned that this font is a SVG Font and provided in OTF format. We’ve worked hard for it and we are proud to provide this font for free for you. It’s an interesting font to play with, therefore don’t miss this collection and kindly click the link below to download:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 35 Mb}

Roky Bold - (OTF)


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