AutoDraw: Turn Your Bad Drawing To Be Pretty Amazing

Do you remember about Quick, Draw! An AI Experiment game which is developed by Google? There is another one, that is AutoDraw.If the other is a game, the AutoDraw is a graphic design web where you can create a simple object with it. In AutoDraw you can draw something instantly with a beautiful result. Even if you draw something poorly, it’s likely that the result could be mesmerizing. How is it working?

First of all, I’ll let you know the tools provided in this website. First, there is a tool that would let you draw manually just like you draw in other graphic designs, however it automatically will help you to smoothen the line. Below it, the second, it’s a more interesting tool where you can draw something and there would be recommendations on top that are recognized similar to what you’re drawing. Third, is the text tool, you can type whatever with a limited font options. Fourth, it’s a color fill tool which you can choose the color in different tools, it’s that one which seems blue on the preview and of course the colors are also limited. The fifth tool is the shape, you can draw a circle, square, and triangle. You can select and move objects by using the select tool which is above the black tool. And you are able to copy and undo the object using the keyboard shortcut.

It’s been said in its explanation that this AutoDraw works with the same machine learning with the Quick! Draw. It’s likely that’s why this AutoDraw can detect what you’re drawing and can give some recommendations. For example, here I try to draw a flower. Pardon my drawing anyway.

You can see that, at the top of it there is a question, “Do you mean:” and followed by some shapes that are recognized as having similarities to my drawing. And I try to choose one.

It’s so far from my drawing. But look! It’s beautiful. I draw a flower poorly and it can turn to be a beautiful flower bouquet. That’s how it works. That’s how with AutoDraw your bad drawing could be a beautiful one magically.

There has been an issue that maybe AutoDraw could replace artists, since whoever with bad drawing could produce a proper drawing. However, I think it’s not. AutoDraw could only detect and give recommendations for a simple object. If you think it could give you a complex drawing such as Mona Lisa or a simple SpongeBob, you wouldn’t get it. AutoDraw isn’t that smart yet. You could get that beautiful complex drawing by making it yourself using this app with another tool or arrange it using simple objects. 

There are so many developments that need to be done. Brush sizes, the font options, color options, shape options, etc. So far, it’s only helpful if you want to create a simple drawing only. I try to draw a human, but what’s recommended is a mic. How come? I think AI machine learning needs to learn more and the developer adds more stocks for the recommended drawings. Or is it only to stop there? We’ll see in the future. Is it helpful? Enough. The point for now is AutoDraw still couldn’t replace artists and AutoDraw still has a long journey to be perfect. 

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