Free Download 11 Fruits & Vagetable Pattern Background

Are you ready to welcome summer soon? This is going to be interesting since the happiness of summer is already vibing. To accompany you in summer vibes, we are happy to introduce the Fruit and Vegetable Pattern Background. It’s freshly made to serve a fresh background collection to welcome a fresh air season.

This pattern background collection consists of various fruits and vegetables which are sliced and arranged in such a way to generate beautiful abstract patterns. To make it different and stunning, we made these backgrounds with a backlight touch so that the fruits and vegetables just like emitting light behind. There are some slices arranged in full frame as background, and there are some backgrounds focusing on fruits or vegetables texture. They totally stand out.

In this collection there are lemon, kiwi, orange, cucumber, and onion patterns. All of those are just mesmerizing and could be used on any kind of project. It’s provided in JPG format, however this was made in high-res quality, therefore it may be possible to use this collection on a large medium design.

This collection might be best to accompany the summer vibes project, cheerful theme design, and many more designs which need fresh element touch. It’s possible to use this collection for advertisement, flyers, website design, and so on. The possibility of this use could be endless since the quality is in high resolution. Therefore, you are able to experiment this background pattern with your creative ideas endlessly.

Having and using this collection for your design could be unexpectedly amazing. It’s the right time where the summer would immediately come. Therefore, make sure to collect this kind of collection for your next project by click the link download below:

Fruits & Vagetable Pattern Background (JPG)

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