Autom - Pixel Bold Font

As we’ve launched a pixel font previously, here we are introducing another one. It’s the Autom Pixel Bold Font which is a part of the pixel font collection just like what we’ve given, the difference is in this font we provide it in bold. Even if it’s distinct, it has the same nuance as the previous. It could bring the old memory back on your current design applied.

It’s best to be used if your design has a technological theme. Some futuristic theme just best to match this cute font. Using this font for your design means that it could bring a happy childhood memory back, where there was the time to know the digital game for the first time. It may build a spirit nuance for your occasion or project.

Different from the previous pixel style font, which may be used for both paragraph and display font, this futuristic font might be best for display use only. It’s caused by this digital font being provided in bold, it’s best if it’s used in bigger size. If it’s used in a smaller size, it’s possible that the text alone couldn’t be read.

We provide this font for free and put this font in OTF format. It means that you are free to use this font on any kind of device as long as you allow this font to be installed. It also means that you are free to use this font on any kind of project. It’s possible to use this font on posters, flyers, magazines, banners, and more. Just use this font as your imagination wants to, it may generate an amazing result.

This font is interesting in the way it’s. The benefits that you could use this font for anything is just profitable. Therefore, make sure that you are not gonna miss this collection and just click the link below to download them:

Autom - Pixel Bold Font - (OTF)

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