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We’re excitedly introducing you to this NOEV font. This is a kind of sans serif font which can be used on any kind of project. This font is such in traditional style which looks classic without any accent. This is like having a firm impression at a glance.

This font is completed by bold and regular style. In addition, it’s also having an alphabet, numeric, and symbols. And it’s more complete since it has an uppercase and lowercase version. It can be said that this is in full package since it has everything in one font.

What is interesting, this font has endless possibilities to be used on anything. It suits both the paragraph and title, it depends on how you want to use this font. It might be able to complement your creative design or if you want to you can use this for your digital notes.

It’s regular, classic, yet flexible to be used on anything. It’s possible to be used on any campaign project such as posters, flyers, digital advertisement, and more. It might suit any theme as well. However, it’s also possible to use this font for personal use such as on your private notes or else. 

Having this font might be beneficial. Flexible to use on anything so you don’t need to be worried if you are confused about what is going to be used on your project. Therefore, just don’t miss this collection and click the link below to download:

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