Free Black Hand Gestures Vector Illustration


New illustrations collection has been coming!

Today, there is Black Hand Gestures Vector Illustration which is ready for you to use. This collection consists of 12 hand illustrations in black. It’s like a silhouette of various hand gestures. Or it can be said as playing with shadow as well. 

This collection is inspired by the yoga movement. If you see it, the gestures give some magical or mystical spirit which brings a tranquil soul. Because these illustrations are illustrated based on the real hand gestures, it looks real.

These illustrations are based on the real hand appearance which is formed as real as it can be. The details make it look stunning. It can be used alone as a logo or icon, or if  you want to you can arrange it in such a way so that it can be a pattern layout. It’s possible to make a seamless pattern or overlay using this collection.

You can move any of them here and there, because it’s provided in an EPS vector which doesn’t limit you to make any modification. It’s possible for you to change its color and size. It can be scaled on any size and doesn’t reduce its quality.

It might have endless possibilities to use this collection on any kind of project. We provide it for free, therefore don’t miss this collection and click the link below to download:

Black Hand Gestures Vector Illustration - (EPS)

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