Free Plastic Bag Mockups Design Vol 2

It’s been a long time, and finally here we are launching a Plastic Bag Mockup Design Vol 2. It’s a mockup of a plastic bag with a paper inside. It has a clear transparent plastic look, so that the paper inside is clearly visible. Combined with a solid black background, the mockup alone is perfectly highlighted.

The paper inside the plastic has some design. You are able to change it with your own design to create a photorealistic stationery mockup with a modern vibe. It may help you to simulate packaging in your business. Just customize the design inside and you can have your customization just in a few clicks.

The elements in this mockup are editable. As has been mentioned, the design below a transparent plastic could be changed depending on your needs. You can easily modify it with your own art, logo, text, and anything. You might be able to add your own trademark as well. The customization is yours, you can do anything according to your needs. However the black background behind the object couldn’t be changed. It’s best like that so that it can be focused to see the object. 

This mockup can be used to simulate your packaging, you can showcase it on your website, social media post, and more. It’ll totally bring out the realistic look and may attract whoever sees it. It’s best to support your product campaign.

If you think that you are interested to this collection and may need it, just click the link below to download:

  {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 46 Mb}

Plastic Bag Mockups Design Vol 2 - (PSD)

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