Brown Leather Note Book Hard Cover Mockup Design

Today we’re going to share the Brown Leather Notebook Hard Cover Mockup Design. Showcase your notebook cover design with this simple classic notebook. It shows the hardcover notebook in brown color with a rubber strap on the side. A minimal mockup to highlight your design.

This mockup can be used to preview your design before it’s printed. If you are a graphic designer you can show your design using this mockup, and it may make your client satisfied. Another way to use this mockup is to showcase your work on your social media, it may make your profile look stunning.

It’s provided in PSD so that it may ease you to work with. You can easily edit it according to your preference. The text can be fully changed. If we provide it in minimal, you may be able to change it to another style that suits you the most. The customization is yours.

As mentioned, you can use this to preview your design, or if you want to you can use this to showcase it on your social media or website. More than that, if you are a seller you may use this to showcase your goods in the marketplace. It may have endless possibilities to use this mockup. It’ll definitely be beneficial.

This mockup is in minimal layout. There is so much creativity that may be able to be applied. Make sure to have this collection by click the link below:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 55 Mb}

1 Brown Leather Note Book Hard Cover Mockup - (PSD)

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