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Another text effect is coming!

Today we’re excited to introduce you to the Slice Text Effect Template. It can be used as a display text which is sliced in an elegant way. Font used in this text is the Acumin Variable Concept with the Extra Condensed Ultra Black style. This text effect provides one type only, you can see the preview above.

This text is like sliced roughly, however that is what makes it appealing. This kind of text effect might be best used for titles, moreover used for titles on posters, magazines, flyers, or any kind of advertisements. It’ll definitely make your advertisements become people’s attention. It is possible to use this text effect for stickers as well. The text style makes it look different and unique in some way.

Using this text will give the modern impression for your design. The sliced effect might give a rough impression, however it’s rough in an elegant way. Combining this text effect might give an unexpected amazing result for your design. So, don’t miss to try this out.

This text effect is provided in PSD format. You can use this text effect using the smart object tool. By those, it is possible for you to customize the spelling text, the color text, or even the color background of the text. It’s true if this text effect only has one type. However, if you are mastering Photoshop, it might be possible to customize the sliced position. It might generate any kind of sliced type.

Those explanations might influence you to be attracted to this text effect. We provide it so that you can use this freely. If you are interested just click the link below to download:


 Slice Text Effect Template - (PSD)


  1. Hi, kinda of a noob at PS and couldn't understand how to change the text. I click on the smart object and it puts me in another file where I can change the text, but lost after that. Do you have a YouTube video on this effect or something similiar?

    1. open smart object then change the text by press CTRL + S or Command + S.


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