Free 25 Vintage Hand Drawn Clip art Vector Illustration

Another hand drawn illustration collection has been coming!

Today we have the Vintage Hand Drawn Vector Illustration. The preview is above. There are 25 illustrations that might suit anything you need to complete your creative design. Seeing the preview, it can be concluded that this collection has a mystic or gothic theme. It represents the mysterious or scary atmosphere which might suit to be used on halloween or magical design.

This collection is drawn using hand drawing technique which makes this collection look unique and different. It looks like a doodle illustration since it’s uncolored and the outline doesn’t have a firm line. In this collection there are some illustrations which have a full black color filling, and the others only have outline forming. Both are appealing.

This bundle is in Vector which means that this illustration might be able to be scaled on any kind of size. It might be suitable to be used for tattoo design or the complementary on any kind of design. It’s possible to use this illustration for t-shirt design, tumblr, or even use it for elements in posters or any advertisement. It might have endless possibilities to be used on anything.

Besides the vector format, we also provide this collection in PNG format which might be ready to be used. We provide this collection so that it can be beneficial for anyone to use. Having this collection might give the chance to experiment and explore this collection on any kind of project. So that, don’t miss this collection and just click the link below:


 Vintage Hand Drawn Vector Illustration - (VECTOR + PNG)

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