Free DEMO Distress Damage Text Effect Template

We are happily offering you this exclusive text effect for you!

This is the Distress Damage Text Effect Template collection. This collection consists of five text effect templates which vary and distinct one to another. The main concept of this collection is the street text effect because it’s served the damaged and rough texture of text. It’s best to be used for display text.

In those various text effects, there are grunge, blur, and grain effects. Those effects are processed in such a way so that those build rough text in an elegant way. The grungy and grainy effect builds as such a spray paint text effect, because there is a grain just like a result of spray paint or pylox.

These damage templates might give a dirty effect for the text. However, these templates could make the text get the point of attention. It’s best to be used as display text, for instance it can be given as title text effect in magazines, posters, flyers, and many more. It might be used for any kind of project as well, mention stickers, design for tumblers, art print, and more. It might have endless possibilities to use this collection on anything.

It can be said that this damage text effect is part of urban theme text effect. As it’s been said earlier that this collection is the street text effect. The theme which likes to look modern might suit this collection the most.

This collection is available in PSD format. You can easily modify the spelling according to your preference. Like in the preview above, there is a cardboard texture in the background, absolutely you are able and free to modify it. Moreover, you can add texture in the text as well. However, the default color is black and it might not be able to customize it. Except, you know how to use the color overlay and that might be possible to customize the color just like the first image in preview.

Having this collection might be so beneficial. You would regret it if you are missing this. You can get all of them by downloading the premium version. However, if you want to try it first for trial, you can try the demo version for free and we served one text effect there. Surely, you would be happy for it. Therefore, if you are interested just click the link below to get them:


  1. nice effect but the displacement map is missing so... it's not working :s

  2. Hi! it doesn't work, as the comment before says, the displacement map is missing


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