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Continuing the previous post, today we have another collection of vector, brush, and png!

In today’s collection we have the Dry Land Shape Vector, Brush, and PNG which is having a theme in autumn nuance. We bring this collection in various types in order to make options for you. You can freely choose which one is the type that is most suitable for you.

For the vector and brush types, it is possible to make any adjustment. You can adjust the size and color according to your needs. Meanwhile for the PNG, you will only get those in fixed shape and color. The good thing is we provide it in a colorful way.

This collection brings the autumn nuance, so that it gives the joyful and chill vibes for the design. Since it is autumn, it might best suit a warm color. The cheerful vibes of autumn and summer might appear. 

Using this collection when doing your project might be beneficial. The brush type will let you make any adjustment and ease you to make shape by only one click. Making any element will be easy and fun. The default size of brush and png is the same, you can check it in the image above.

This collection has endless possibilities to be used on any kind of project.  There are 18 shapes provided. Those might be best for the element or complement for your creative design. You can use it on posters, flyers, social media posts, and much more. 

It is truly beneficial if you can have this collection. If you don’t want to miss this collection, just click the link below to download it:


18 Dry Land Shape - (Brush, Vector & PNG)

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