Free Download 20 Space Icon Vector Collection

We’ve worked on this at our best, and we’re proud to introduce our latest collection. It is the Space Icon Vector Collection!

This collection consists of various space objects and technology illustrated as icons. The illustration is uncolored and like formed by lines. It might have a cute and modern impression, however it is formed so that it might suit any kind of theme. 

There are 20 icons in this collection. All of them are in vector format. It is beneficial since it can be scaled on any size without reducing its quality even if it’s upscaled in many times. Another beneficial is it can be adjusted according to the needs or preferences. You’ll be free to experiment with this collection.

possibilities to be used on any kind of project. It might be possible to use this collection for complement elements on posters, flyers, cover art, stickers, etc. However, these icons are also able to be used as symbols or decorative signs to decorate your room or else.

If you love astronomy or outer space thingy it might be best for you. Technological or futuristic themes might be suitable as well. We’ve mentioned that this collection might have endless possibilities to be matched on everything. So that, if you are interesting to explore and experiment with this collection, just click the link below:


20 Space Icon Vector Collection - (EPS)


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