Free Download Cardboard Mockup Design VOL 2

Do you guys still remember that we’ve uploaded the cardboard mockup previously? Here, we have another version of it. It is the Cardboard Mockup Design VOL 2.

Previously we’ve had the cardboard mockup from the top point of view. In this edition, we give you another point of view. Beside you can showcase the design of the top, in this edition you can show your potential customer the front and the one side design of the product packaging.

We didn’t put any white label space on top of it. However, it is possible to put your own design on the cardboard directly. This mockup is available in PSD format. Therefore, most elements of this mockup are fully editable. You can modify its text according to your own branding theme. Or if you want to put something as its background, obviously you can execute it.

This mockup will be beneficial to use for campaigns or promotes your product. What can be promoted might be clothes, books, snacks, etc. If you want to promote a certain event and want to make a limited packaging of it, it might be useful. Because by only having one mockup, you can modify the design up to limitless time.

Remember to always give your best effort on how you deliver promotions for your customers. What’s displayed might reflect the real product offered and surely it’ll affect the action of your potential customer whether they will buy or not. Using this mockup might ease your action at promotions. Besides it can be used in limitless time, how we arranged the angle totally will showcase your design at its best. So, don’t miss this cardboard mockup and just click the link below to download it:


NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

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