Basics of Graphic Design: Images

If you are presented with two designs, the one is having a good image in it, and the other may have image but not in a good quality. Which one would you choose? The one that has a good image, hasn’t it?

When you want to make a design that would be people’s attention, try to position yourself as a viewer that would view your design. When it comes to visuals, people may see how the design presented first, not what the design informed. Make your design attract visually, using images may be the solution.

The first thing that you need to do is search the best quality resources for your images. It’ll be helpful if you are good in photography or illustration. However, don’t be afraid if you are not. Many photo stocks that will provide you thousands of best quality images. It will be beneficial to elevate your design. One thing that you need to know, many designers including professionals rely on photo stocks for their design.

Photo stocks ease our work, we just need to type the keyword of the photo that we want to find then it will show many related photos and we just need to choose the one most suitable. When choosing a photo from photo stocks, make sure to choose the one that is most relevant to our design. Most viewers prefer authentic photos. Usually it’s the one that is unique in some way. It might set the tone to design and have the space room for text.

Some images might be too generic to be effective. To make the design look modern, avoid images that lack context and too literal in meaning. Better to use the images that are related to design in subtle. So that it will not give its meaning directly.

Besides choosing the most related images, the other thing that needs to be attention is the quality of the images. Make sure that the used images are not blurry, because it might bring the wrong impression. Choose the images that are clear, sharp, and have no distortion.

When using images, choosing the one bigger is better. Bigger images can be used to work more, it can be cropped or downsized to adjust the needs in design and its quality is stable. However, it’ll not work for the smaller. For instance if the images are smaller when it’s enlarged may cause the images to lose their quality. Why can it happen?

The images are commonly in raster format. Raster format means that the images consist of thousands or even millions of tiny pixels. It’ll not be visible if we see the images in its original size or smaller. However, when we’re trying to zoom in it may give a bad result. While it’s different when it comes to vectors. Vectors are formed from something that is more complex than pixels. It’ll not lose its quality even if it's upsized many times.

Some photo in photo stocks might have good qualities. However, it still needs some adjustment to match our design. Fortunately, even basic programs offer simple adjustment nowadays. Usually they have cropping, resizing, and other adjustments. You can use cropping if you think that the used image is in the wrong dimension or you want to cut out some objects from it. The simple adjustment usually gives a feature to adjust the brightness, contrast, or saturation of the image. Sometimes there are programs that offer presets, it can change the image dramatically with less effort. Resizing can help you to ensure that the used image fits the design. Note that you can’t make your image bigger than its original images because it will affect its quality. If your image isn't big enough, try to find an alternative or try to find a way to work with your image.

Using photos, graphics, or any other visuals can be engaging to your design. Even a simple background can make your design more stunning. Make sure to remember about the image quality and you can make your design more stand out.

That’s all for today. We hope that you find it helpful. Thanks for your reading and see you, folks!



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