These are the instructions to do the download file I want you to appreciate my hard work by way of share this blog to your facebook page. Smart link will automatically open, if you share a page into social media. Here's how to access it.

Download 1 (facebook) 

1. click Download 
2. you will be directed to a page sharing
3. click share to facebook
4. after the share to facebook, your facebook page will close.
5. return to the page share (point number 2)
6. find the blue download button. and click
7. complete. 

Download 2 (

1. click Download 
2. you will be redirected to the page
3. wait until the countdown is complete.
4. If there is already a Skip button. (on the right side of the page)
5. click Skip. then the download link is ready
6. finish

//Appreciate my work with does not sell and publish templates in any website. If you are uploading our templates, please give a link to this post. Please respect my rules because I've worked so hard to make this project. Thanks//
//link download locked and opens automatically if you share it on social media. Please share this post to get the materials, templates, project etc.//