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freeject.net is a website that presents a lot of free design for you. We made a couple of them are template design, mockup, illustrations, backgrounds, brush and much more. We provide many free graphic design resource, which you can use to add to the collection of design.

The material we've created free of charge and can be used to add project design increasingly cool, don't steal material, by sell or uploading it on your blog or website, Please give a credit to this blog page. appreciate us as creators, we work very hard to create all of this.


We are an official partner of several tutor of graphic design. We create the material for them and us working together for make the greate material for you. below are the 2 official partner photoshop tutorials based on youtube.

1. Lincung Studio - Designer Graphic

2. Photoshop Tutorial - PST

If you're a graphic designer instructor on the internet and would like to become our official partner? please contact us at frejectgo@gmail.com, we will free promote your tutorials. 


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  1. Hi! Compliments for your website where I find many interesting things but no of them are working when Iìm trying to download. All google drive pages are broken.

  2. That's a great work i see here, please keep it.


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