Download Problems

I know if I can't download the file you'll be very angry and frustrated. especially if the file you want to download is very important to you. many complaints are coming in and I am trying to fix this beloved website. some mistakes come from us, but sometimes also your mistakes. here I will recap some of the problems and how to solve them. this page will keep me updated with the latest issues. so don't hesitate to comment.

problem: it took 24 hours for the file to be viewed or downloaded.

Fix it: sign in to your google account first. if you still can't download, please comment on the post.

problem: the file is corrupted and cannot be used.

Fix it: we also sell premium assets and never get complaints like this, for the same file. this issue is related to the network and download process. please use different devices and stronger internet networks so that files can be downloaded completely.

problem: downloads that require a $0 purchase

Fix it: this is our new method of displaying files in a demo version. please enter zero or 0 in the column below the Price tab. after that click "i want this" and you will be redirected to the next step according to the demo version download procedure. This new download button display is 100% free, you will not be charged any fees or other requirements. So don't worry.