Smoke Footage Overlay

Hi, I wish you all good health. Come back with us a smoke-themed overlay video. We created this element by shooting videos using special techniques. thus producing a very beautiful, diffuse puff of smoke curves that are suitable for you to apply in your creative projects. This element can be used as an overlay for video effect filters and additional elements of video manipulation such as fog as well as horror impression enhancing elements and other mystical things. You can also use it as another element of your creative video. This overlay video has a high quality and resolution. There is one video overlay that you can apply to your creative videos. You can use it as an element of your personal portfolio as well as commercial interests. Use this element for free as an element of your creative project and get it for free via the link listed below.


Name: Smoke Footage Overlay

Dimension: 1920 × 1080

Size: 184,6 MB

File: 1

Format: MP4


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