Soft Smoke Texture Overlay Background

Hi friends, I wish you all good health. On this occasion we presented a soft smoke-themed background texture. We created this soft smoke with special shooting techniques so as to produce a characterful texture. You can use it as an ingredient or photo manipulation element such as cigarette smoke, coffee smoke, heat, vaping and others. You can also use this background texture as an overlay layer for the smoky photo effect filter. You don't have to hesitate and worry. This background texture has a high resolution and quality and will certainly not reduce the quality of your design. We provide 1 piece of background texture for you to get for free and you can use it for personal or commercial purposes. Use this background texture as the best element of your creative design because with this background texture you will create an amazing work. Come on!. Click the link below to get it for free.


Name: Soft Smoke Overlay Background

Dimension: 6000 × 4000 

Size: 6,3 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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