Rainbow Gradient Overlay Background

Hi, hope you're okay. We came with a background texture of color gradation layers that can be used as an element of your creative design. Beautiful color gradations and proportions we create with special techniques. You can use this element as an overlay for your photo or image to make it look more attractive. This element is usually used as an overlay for photo effect filters so that it will add a happy, happy, joyful impression. You can also use it as an element of pamphlets, brochures, flyers, posters, photos or other creative social media designs. This element we created in JPG format. but with high quality and resolution will not make you hesitate to use it in your creative design. There is one color gradation overlay that you can apply to your creative projects, you can also use it as an element of your personal portfolio as well as for commercial purposes. With a combination of bright, beautiful and balanced colors will make your project even more attractive. use this element in your creative design and get it for free immediately via the link below!


Name: Gradient Overlay Background

Dimension: 5000 × 3000

Size: 3,6 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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