Folded Paper Texture Background

Hello what's up man?. We dedicate to you a texture background with a folded paper theme. We made this background texture by photographing folded paper with a special technique, so that the folds and details of the resulting paper are very clear, neat and characterful. You can use this background texture as a background for posters, flyers, banners, photos, brochures and other creative designs. We create this paper texture with high quality and resolution, so you are more accustomed to using it as an element of your creative design and will make you more confident. There is 1 background texture product that we present and you can use for free. use this maximum quality background texture as an element of your creative design. You can try it and get it for free via the link below.


Name: Folded Paper Texture
Dimension: 6744 x4912 
Size: 28,3 MB 
File: 1
Format: JPG

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