Detail Fabric Texture Background

Hi, All. Hope it's okay. Back for you, we present you with a background texture themed on the details of a very special fabric texture. We made it by photographing it, accompanied by special techniques that are able to produce a strong character and do not reduce its quality and authenticity. These textures can be used as supporting elements for your creative work. Pamphlets, posters, flyers and other promotional media are very suitable to use this texture, especially for those of you who want to make textile promotional media designs. We dedicate it to you to the fullest, as evidenced by the high resolution and quality will make you even more confident to use it as an element of your creative design. The thread knitted texture is very detailed and unique, it will certainly add its own charm. There is 1 background texture that we present specially for you and you can use it personally or commercially. Use this texture as a design element that will lead you to become a famous designer. Are you interested in using it?. Get it through the link listed below. Good luck and get ready to become a famous designer of all time.


Name: Detail Fabric Texture Background

Dimension: 4478 x2903

Size: 23,1 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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