Black Folded Paper Texture Background

Hi. The texture of the black paper background with folds is finally here to greet you all. This background texture is a crumpled black paper and has interesting details to apply to your creative designs. in order to produce maximum design materials, we photographed them using special techniques. This background texture can probably be applied in various types of designs. You can use it in the design of mockups, posters, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and others according to what you want. This background texture we present in JPG format. but don't worry, we provide this collection in high resolution and quality. You should not hesitate to experiment with this background texture. we provide 1 piece of background texture to be your creative experiment medium and you can use it as a collection of personal portfolio elements as well as commercial needs. You must be interested in getting creative and experimenting with this background texture. use this element and get it for free via the link listed below.


Name: Black Folded Paper Texture Background

Dimension: 6752 × 4920

Size: 19,8 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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