Smoke Texture Overlay Background

Hey! how is this going. On this occasion we presented a texture with a black background with a smoke theme. We created this background texture by photographing smoke on a black background using a special technique. thus producing a characterful background texture shape. You can also use it as a background for posters, flyers, brochures, invitations, photos and also overlays themed horror, halloween, dark, hacker etc. textures of this background we create with very satisfying results. High quality and high resolution make you not hesitate to make this product an element in the process of working on your creative projects. there is 1 background texture that we present and you can use for free. use this high-quality background texture as a supporting element for your creative work. you must be interested. get it for free at the link below.


Name: Smoke Texture Overlay Background

Dimention: 6000x4000

Size: 6,4 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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