Retro Film Grain and Dust Overlay Background

Hey. how are you doing? hope it's okay. The texture of the retro and dust film grain overlay background is here to help you build a classic and antique feel for the moment you are about to capture. We created this background texture with some special techniques. In use, you can combine photos with this background texture to build an old and old-fashioned feel and display a memorable impression of an event in the past, besides that it can also be used as a retro-style overlay photo effect filter. We present this element in JPG format with high quality and resolution. You don't need to hesitate to use it to create creative, attractive and classic designs. You can try it out through 1 background texture that we present especially to you. This texture background can also be used for a collection of personal design elements as well as for commercial purposes. Create creative designs with a classic and memorable impression using this background texture. You'll want to try it. Immediately get it for free via the link below.


Name: Retro Film Grain and Dust Overlay Background

Dimension: 5666 × 3777

Size: 22,1 MB

File: 1

Format: JPG


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