Free DEMO Scribble Marker Brush

This brush collection will really help you in doing your daily graphic design work. we created a collection of photoshop brushes of various shapes. we name it with a marker scribble brush.

The line we offer is typical of the strokes of the marker pen. however this brush can only be used as a symbol stamp, not for line strokes. Many of the symbols and shapes we created. such as punctuation scribbles, lower third lines for highlights, abstract scribbles, unique symbols, and much more.

We summarize everything into a bundle file with photoshop brush (ABR) format and PNG images exported in a high-quality transparent background. all ready to use as a complement to your design.

Please download the entire photoshop brush at the link below. we also give you a package of demo files that you can try at home. 

 {getDownload} $text={DOWNLOAD} $size={ ABR File - Comercial use}

 Scribble Marker Brush


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