Free 3x Photocopy Texture Photoshop Stamp Brush


This photocopy effect is special for those of you who like print textures. make your design project become more characteristic by photocopy printing machine distortion. retro 80s designs like this have become trending again this year. we have prepared all the design elements and materials you need to make your project more complex and to your liking.  You can download photoshop brush stamp for free at the link below.

This print texture has a noise line style like offside ink on paper. Lots of grain, noise and glitch produced, you can combine these designs for posters, banners, flyers, cover art, and much more. use the overlay feature or blanding mode to mix textures into the design.

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3x Photocopy Texture (BRUSH)


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  2. is there any tutorial how to use this brush properly?


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