Free DEMO Photocopy Texture Background

The texture is a simple element that can give a complex impression to the design. It’s possible to give a different feel to the design only by using a simple texture. Most of the textures are provided in raster. However, it can decorate any design to give it a different appearance and realistic look. Simply, it can manipulate the design to generate an unexpected and more attractive design.

We always update our texture collection so that it couldn’t be outdated and overused. And today, we launched the photocopy texture for completing the collection. This texture provides a rough texture of the photocopy result that may also appear on the scanned paper. The texture is a black grain which is the result of the bad quality of the copy. It may give a not too clear texture for the design behind it, yet it could be interesting to be combined.

This texture collection may be best for photo or design texture. If the photocopy or scanned paper is identical to black and white, but this texture can be blended with the colored one and generate a stunning result. Just like the preview above, it’s beautiful when it’s well blended with the colored photo. But, just by looking at the preview, a photo with a low saturation or dark nuance may fit better. Somehow, it can show the retro vibes in it.

As we’ve mentioned, texture collection is usually provided in raster. And in this collection, we provide it in JPG files. However, we provide it in good quality, it’s in 300px that may be more than enough to be used for various projects. There are 10 jpegs provided, however, all of them are in a premium bundle. If you want it for free, you can choose the demo bundle where it provides 2 jpegs only. But it actually doesn’t need to worry that you may invest in a premium bundle. There are many possibilities to use this photocopy texture collection for any project. If you want it, you can download both the premium and the demo bundles below:

{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

Photocopy Texture - (JPG)

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