Free DEMO Abstract Plastic Texture Background

We are proud to present an abstract background with photo and footage formats. You can use this creative background for many things, such as creating poster designs, presentations, banners, and more. And also for abstract videos, you can use it for various types of video projects, such as learning, documentary, presentation, cinematic, etc.

In addition, you can also use this aesthetic background for photos or video overlays. We deliberately make high contrast on this background to be used as a photo or video texture, unique patterns in plastic texture will greatly help you make beautiful masterpieces. Download for free at the link below.

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

2x Plastic Texture (JPG)
 2x Plastic Texture (MP4)

{getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

28x Plastic Texture (JPG)
 22x Plastic Texture (MP4)

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