Free 5 Marble Background

We encounter marble used to decorate the floor or wall of the building. Somehow, it can give a certain feeling to the room. As we believe and love to use it, we've created the marble background collection to bring the genuine marble feeling to the 2d design. This marble background can give a cooler impression but is somehow also firm, caused by its abstract pattern. But, just like what other textures we've offered, this marble background may escalate your design to its best.

There are 5 marble backgrounds offered in this collection. Each has a different pattern and color, so it wouldn't be boring if used for some designs. More than that, it also looks like a liquid abstract pattern. It's versatile for many designs. You may use this collection for a background, design texture, pattern decoration, or even print it as an invitation. The possibilities may be endless according to your creativity to benefit it. Therefore, if you have had an idea to be creative with this marble background, below you can download it for free:

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5x  Marble Background - (JPG)

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