Free 6 Cutout Abstract Background

In case you’ve been bored of the usual pop up abstract background offered, we have this cutout abstract background as the substitute. Both have the same characteristics that highlight the 3d pattern. In this cutout background, the pattern or texture is like consisting of multiple layers and is engraved to build a wavy pop-up effect. As this collection is colored in blue, it looks like a trench in the deep ocean. And also, the gradation of each layer makes it more stunning.

There are 6 cutout abstract backgrounds offered in this pack. All of them are in blue with some having a white space that could be functioned as copy space. By combining and placing the right elements into this background, you may create an unexpected trendy design. It could be best to attract attention. Therefore, making it as a background for a poster or flyer could be best. If you are interested in collecting this cutout abstract background, you can download it free below:

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6x Cutout Abstract Background - (JPG)

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