Free 6 Rainbow Abstract Background

If you love the rainbow background but are bored that most of the rainbow background has a soft composition, then this package might be perfect for you. This rainbow abstract background is created to have a firm impression but still preserve its pretty rainbow color. The rainbow is in liquid or fluid patterns combined with a black background, generating a perfect combination for an extraordinary artwork.

This rainbow abstract background consists of 6 illustrations that could be versatile for many uses. It could be background as it is, wallpaper, poster, cover art, and many more. If you want to print it on a wider media, it might be possible as we created it to have a high definition quality. But still, there is a limit that this background could be pixelated in a certain size. Therefore, pay attention to it. We offer this package for free. If you are interested in collecting it, just download it below:

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6X Rainbow Abstract Background - (JPG)

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