Free Cute Sticker Hand Drawn Vector Illustration

Cute stuff never goes wrong. Not only kids, but many adults also love it. In this pack, we offer the common element that could be used for decorating design to give a childish and playful look. It's a cute sticker hand-drawn vector illustration consisting of various scribbles forming some playful elements. There is a star, rainbow, gift, camera, and many more. It becomes more interesting because it's created in pencil look or simple lines illustrations.

This collection is a vector, meaning it could be customized endlessly. The line's color could be changed and also could be upsized without making it pixelated. Therefore, it's possible to use it for decoration on a banner or board. More than that, as it can be upsized unlimitedly, you can print it as a simple wall art decoration for your room or sticker for your journal. Many things could be fulfilled by using this cute sticker hand-drawn collection. Therefore, if you love this collection as well, you can get it free by downloading it below:

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15X Cute Sticker - (EPS)

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