Free 5 Silhouette Animals in Scandinavian Style Vector


This time, we offer the illustrations of animals in a unique style. We made it have a Scandinavian look by putting some ornament patterns in several parts. The Scandinavian interior tends to be simple and elegant, but it seems a little more complicated in design illustration. However, it doesn’t mean to look weird or tacky. Otherwise, it looks beautiful and creative. You can look at the previews above.

In these illustrations, there are a horse, elephant, dog, wolf, and snake. It’s created with some patterns showing the Scandinavian style. Using it in your design could make it look different in a good way. Therefore, if you want your design to be highlighted, this one matches your needs. You can use this illustration alone as the main object or combine it with other elements to create new graphics. We made it in vector, so there is no limitation to using it for many things. If you have any idea about using this collection in your design, you are lucky because we offer it free. For you who are interested, you can click the link below to download it:

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