Free 20x Video Conferece Vector Icon


These days, video conferences are often conducted as a pandemic making people work remotely. Many platforms develop their service to provide video conference support, or even a company makes their private conference service. It impacts the need of rebuilding their tools to adjust the service. The vector icon collection related to video conferences would be needed that much. Therefore, as there is a demand, we provide the video conference vector icon collection.

This vector icon collection is styled in monoline design created in a simple black line illustration. There are 20 icons provided in video conference stuff related. It is suitable for UI/UX design elements, both for computer and mobile phone displays are well-matched. If you are a UI/UX designer, then this collection is worth collecting. However, this vector icon is also versatile. It can be used for many designs, not only limited to UI/UX design. It can be a decorative element or an illustration in a poster. If you are interested in making a design and probably need this vector collection, you can get it for free by downloading it below:

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20x Video Conferece Vector Icon - (EPS)

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