Free Infrared Vision Cover Art Design Template

To promote something successfully, you need something captivating to catch the attention. It needs something that stands out and is unique, so people can notice your promotion. Just like this post previews, it looks interesting, right? This is for you. We created the infrared vision cover art template.

This infrared vision is more like a photo effect in this template. It’s provided in black and white color that has a similar look with a negative film. What’s more interesting, this template is enhanced with noise and cd packaging textures. All of those are organized in a square shape, making it best suitable for cover art needs.

This infrared vision cover art is provided in a 1x PSD file. As it’s in PSD, it will let you customize it freely. You can change the photo or image to personalize it, and you can also edit the text according to your needs. Since the cd packaging texture looks a little bit torn, making it look old yet vintage.

As you can modify this cover art template, you can make it as any platform cover. You can make it for a podcast cover, music cover on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and many other possibilities. You may even modify it for your social media posts. Simply, you can make it for anything you want to. If you are interested, click the link below to download:


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