Free Download Pencil Photo Effect Template

Posting a photo illustration like it's created manually or looks like a handcrafted illustration is interesting. However, you know that it takes time and it's not easy to do. Still, the photo illustration that is created manually by pencil is just captivating. And we sure that you want it but in less effort needed. Therefore, as we always want to ease our audience by providing various shortcuts for your graphics, here we introduce the pencil photo effect template to make your photo stunning.

This pencil photo effect would generate your photo to be in a vintage theme with scratch pencil material. Using this photo effect would make your photo like it's an actual pencil illustration. However, this photo effect would be only best for a portrait, architecture, or landscape view photo. Because this photo effect creates a pencil illustration on the center area photo only, making the edge like it's blurred friction.

This photo effect is provided in 1 psd template. However, it can be used for the black and white and colored as well. It's possible to create a colorful pencil photo effect with it. Again, this photo effect lets you move simply to generate a mesmerizing photo result. You just need to edit your photo using a smart object feature in photoshop. With only one click, it would quickly turn your photo into an actual pencil illustration.

The result from creating a photo with a pencil effect can be uploaded as it is or can be processed into posters or anything to promote something. This effect would bring an old and vintage effect to your project. It could improve your asset quality with minimal effort provided. Therefore, if you think you are interested in collecting this pencil photo effect, make sure to download it below:

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