Free Download Monoline Landscape Illustration

A landscape illustration has been in high demand lately. It's an interesting and somehow versatile matching for many things. We've created many and launched some landscape illustrations, and today we will also launch it but in a different style. It possibly makes people love it because this landscape illustration is simple, cute, and suits the trend. If you still have no idea about it, recheck the previews above. It's a landscape illustration in monoline style.

This landscape illustration is created in monoline style meaning it highlights the bold line art design. As you can see in the previews, it provides a simple color with the line showcased. The landscape illustration seems outdated, but you need to know that the trend is back. Somehow, this kind of style brings back old memories. Today, this monoline landscape illustration can be encountered in t-shirt design, especially those in vintage childish themes. People who are labeled as having an artsy sense are known to use it.

The monoline collection is provided in vector and jpg formats, and each type consists of 6 landscape illustrations. The monoline or the bold line art is well created in the illustration, making the collection more eye-catching. This collection is also suitable for wall art, poster, pillowcase, and many more. It can be a business opportunity that you may invent various products targeting artsy people as your customers.

Set aside the artsy community people out there would also be attracted to this monoline landscape. Instead of selling, you can also produce it for yourself or make it as a gift for your beloved. Many things can be contrived using this collection. It's so versatile that the possibilities of using it are endless. If you think that this monoline landscape is worth collecting, you can get it for free below:

6X Monoline Landscape Illustration - (VECTOR + JPG)

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