Free Pencil Sketch Scribble Photo Effect Template

Animated photo look is fun to look at, because of that we love to create it. Recently, we’ve created and launched many of those, however, the ideas always come. To realize our imagination, today we launched another fun photo effect to be applied on. In this effect, it may have similarities to our other effects. Still, it always has its differences. What’s special? Try to find it from the previews above.

It’s a pencil sketch photo effect that you may have seen many times. However, in this photo effect it has a specialty where there is scribbled texture in it. The scribble looks like it’s created from pencil with abstract strokes on the edge of the object. Meanwhile, there is a solid shape of the object while it still shows the uneven texture emphasizing that it’s created with pencil. How the pencil effect is created makes it look realistic that it may be sketched manually with pencil.

As we always created photo effects in PSD, as well as this pencil sketch photo effect. In psd, it allows you to create pencil sketch effects easily and effortlessly. You just need one click, and it will quickly transform your photo to be stunning. However, if you look at the preview above, it has a fixed effect where it will only show the solid part in a certain area. Just make sure that your photo has its focus object in the area covered by the effect. Therefore, your image won’t lose its focus.

This pencil sketch photo effect can magically turn your image to be stunning. The result can be functioned as many things such as a printed poster, pillowcase, beautiful phone case, greeting card, and many more possibilities. Add some text to personalize your project and it won’t look overused. If you think you are interested in collecting this photo effect, you can download it at the link below to get it for free:

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