Free Hand Held Notebook Mockup Design

These days, looking aesthetic in social media is crucial for youth, especially people in a community or circle who love indie things. They may present themselves in such a way so that people can identify them as “indie” lovers. It may be hard to explain how they style themselves so that people can identify them. But, once we see them, we can likely tell that it’s them.

Today, we launch the notebook mockup that may fit the youth indie style. Usually, they love to write poetic poems or love quotes, so we provide a mockup copy space that they can use to post their lovely words on social media. The use is easy, they just need to put any text with some illustration, then it’s ready to upload. It’s also okay to put text only in it. The beauty has been impressive from the mockup layout.

This mockup is available in 1x PSD. Even if there is one mockup only, you can be creative by creating any text in it. To make it more realistic, you can use a handwritten font that you can get on our website. Once the mockup is done, it may have a chill impression. It's similar to a chill nuance from a sunset time, coffee, or mountain views. In case you are the one who loves indie style, then this mockup copy space is best suitable for you. More than that, whoever you are, you can use it to post anything you want. There is always the possibility to post anything you want. Just be creative to use this thing for your project. If you are interested in it, make sure to download it below:

1x Hand Held Notebook Mockup Design - (PSD)

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