Free Abstract Pop Up Paper Background

A geometric look may look stiff when it’s applied to graphics. However, it’s never wrong to mix and match anything to build something different and stand out. The experiment is the key. We’ve tried to arrange papers in pastel color abstractly, and it turns out it becomes a stunning and versatile background that can be used for any project. We tried this experiment to pink, blue, and green colors in pastel. Look at the previews above, those may suit any project best.

Those backgrounds build an abstract paper arrangement in pop-up style. There are shadows visible in the background, emphasizing it looks 3d. The arrangement accidentally also makes it best for copy spaces. It’s possible to place a text on it and it can deliver the messages properly. More than that, any project can use this source as the background. It may give a cheerful and friendly impression of the design and use it for cross-age purposes. It’s a flexible background collection set to use.

This abstract paper background collection is provided in 9 high-resolution jpegs. There are 3 colors provided and each is 3 jpegs. The color isn’t that striking therefore it may also best to neutral color like white or black. If you want to use this background for copy space, make sure to determine the color and position of the text properly. Every composition matters to make your design synergize and the layout is necessary to be looked at.

These abstract backgrounds could be a simple collection for you. That’s only an image of the paper arranged in such a way. However, it’s possible to create many design projects using this collection if you can find its uniqueness. If you think it’s an interesting background collection, then just click the link below to download:

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