Free 5 Abstract Gradient Paint Background

Painting style design always gives a different impression to apply. How the painting texture appears gives a different feel to look at. Like the previews above, the painting texture looks nearly real. The brush stroke seems like it's handcrafted. And the color gradation also looks like it's a natural gradation made with brush and watercolor. Making your design with this collection as a background may look mesmerizing.

This collection is the gradient abstract paint background. There are various colors provided with a color in each background changing gradually. The gradient color is crafted carefully so that it can blend smoothly without removing the painting's texture. It fits to create a casual design where it's not showcased for formal purposes. Like the previews above, the gradient abstract paint background is combined with handwritten font, the visual is perfectly matched.

This abstract gradient paint is provided in 5 backgrounds with beautiful gradient colors. It can be a graphic element for your background presentation, poster, wedding invitation, greeting card, and many more. This graphic source is available for any use, you can use it freely for any purpose. Moreover, you can get it for free. Many benefits that you can get by downloading this collection.

It's provided in jpg files. However, even if it's in raster, it's possible to create something in a large medium using this abstract gradient paint. Because we provide this collection in good quality and high-res so that you can use it for any project. This collection can catch people's attention and become a trend. So if you think that this collection is interesting, feel free to download this abstract gradient paint background at the link below:

Abstract Gradient Paint Background - (JPG)

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